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User Abdulmaten School01905 54 2704CN=Abdulmaten Taroun TARA1,OU=T,OU=UW,DC=worc,DC=ac,DC=uk
User Abigail CN=ALDA1,OU=A,OU=UW,DC=worc,DC=ac,DC=uk
User Abigail & Participation01905 85 5152CN=Abigail Harradine,OU=H,OU=UW,DC=worc,DC=ac,DC=uk
User Abigail Services01905 85 5396CN=Abigail Williams,OU=W,OU=UW,DC=worc,DC=ac,DC=uk
User Adam 85 5229CN=CARA2,OU=C,OU=UW,DC=worc,DC=ac,DC=uk
User Adam Quality Unit01905 54 2116CN=HEWA1,OU=H,OU=UW,DC=worc,DC=ac,DC=uk
User Adam of Health &Society01905 54 2208CN=Adam Ryder RYDA1,OU=R,OU=UW,DC=worc,DC=ac,DC=uk
User Adelaide of Education CN=Adelaide Rodell,OU=R,OU=UW,DC=worc,DC=ac,DC=uk
User Adele Business School CN=Adele Anderson-Fryer ANDA3,OU=A,OU=UW,DC=worc,DC=ac,DC=uk
User Adele of Health and Society CN=Adele McAlpine MCAA1,OU=M,OU=UW,DC=worc,DC=ac,DC=uk
User Adrian & Learning Services CN=Adrian Gregson,OU=G,OU=UW,DC=worc,DC=ac,DC=uk
User Adrian of Sport & Exercise Science01905 54 2698CN=Adrian Holliday HOLA1,OU=H,OU=UW,DC=worc,DC=ac,DC=uk
User Adrian of Sport & Exercise Science CN=Adrian Price,OU=P,OU=UW,DC=worc,DC=ac,DC=uk
User Aidan of H & Soc-Applied Social Sciences CN=Aidan Tank TANA1,OU=T,OU=UW,DC=worc,DC=ac,DC=uk
User Aimee of H & Soc-Nursing & Paramedic Scie CN=TRIA1,OU=T,OU=UW,DC=worc,DC=ac,DC=uk
User Ainsley of Education CN=Ainsley Compton COMA1,OU=C,OU=UW,DC=worc,DC=ac,DC=uk
User Aisha and Participation CN=Aisha Ginwalla GINA1,OU=G,OU=UW,DC=worc,DC=ac,DC=uk
User Akkara Lionel and Participation CN=Akkara Lionel Jose JOSA1,OU=J,OU=UW,DC=worc,DC=ac,DC=uk
User Alan 85 5232CN=Alan Box,OU=B,OU=UW,DC=worc,DC=ac,DC=uk
User Alan of Education CN=Alan Clutterbuck,OU=C,OU=UW,DC=worc,DC=ac,DC=uk
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Personal TitleDr.
First NameAbdulmaten
Last NameTaroun
Display NameAbdulmaten Taroun
CompanyUniversity of Worcester
DepartmentBusiness School
Role TitleSenior Lecturer in Project & Operations Management
Street AddressHenwick Grove,
St. John's
Postal CodeWR2 6AJ
Office Phone01905 54 2704
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